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Pauline M Kirk

Author, Poet and Publisher       

Border 7 CoverI am pleased to announce that the long awaited companion novel to The Keepers, Border 7, has now been published. Border 7 imagines a world where the power of corporations has eclipsed that of sovereign nations and people can now live in corporation managed enclaves in return for a lifetime contract. Although set in the future, Border 7 is rooted firmly in a present day context.

I am pleased to find that The Keepers readers have found Border 7 and are enjoying the new book.

Close Disharmony CoverIn October 2014 the third DI Ambrose Novel, Close Disharmony, was published in collaboration with my lawyer Daughter Jo Summers.

In Close Disharmony a visiting choir comes to stay in Chalk Heath and WPC Meadows is recruited to bolster their ranks. Unfortunately one of the soloists is murdered...

More about DI Ambrose and my role as one half of PJ Quinn can be found here. See the PJ Quinn Site which also introduces you the town of Chalk Heath where DI Ambrose is stationed.

Click here for as review of Close Disharmony.

I am available for readings of my poetry around York, Leeds, North and West Yorkshire, both as an individual poet and as a member of the York Exhibitionists, the Grey Hen Press or the Pennine Poets.

As editor of Fighting Cock Press I also organise launch events for our new publications. Announcements go out of date too quickly, so if you are interested in what I am doing, or would like me to offer a reading, please email me. I will be delighted to join you.


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